Welcome to PP Princess Resort

PP Princess Resort, an oasis of light amongst the vast dark blue, used to be a simple and serene place on a small island called PP. The beauty of this romantic, inspiring, and adventurous island was meant to be shared. So with our hearts and hands, we gradually made this resort a paradise and shared it with the world. Eventually, we became the legend. PP Princess Resort was the place where everyone wanted to visit. We were the Princess of PP Island.

We would like to invite you to be a part of the new legend that we are going to become. The new PP Princess resort has prepared you; the new deluxe rooms which are sophisticatedly designed, the new kind of service by multitasking staffs who are friendly yet professionally trained, the private morning with breakfast in bed, the amazingly beautiful view from our swimming pool with music by a DJ, and 7 different outlets and beach bars with fresh sea food.

So please visit PP Princess Resort when you are on PP Island. It only takes you less than 10 minutes from the pier to get to us. The downtown is right next to our resort and our beach is just perfect. Let us be your first choice, if you wish to be treated as if you were a princess!