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Green policy

Our green policy here at Phi Phi Princess Resort is to create as little waste as possible for our environment . In order to do so we have systems set in place that allows us to create a cycle for our waste, to recycle our waste and use it as energy.

Water & Garden Cycle

Our grey water in the resort is treated through our wet land water system in order to be reuse. Allowing us to have a constant supply of water into our gardens and minimize our waste water going into the drains or the ocean. By using grey water in our gardens we are able to grow our own fruit and vegetables throughout our resort and even just a couple of metres away from the beach. 


Our ability to grow a variety of plants on the beach in our gardens allow us to have an endless supply of organic waste.  At the hotel we are able to ...

  1. Turn these leaves into plates and packaging for our food to reduce single use environmentally damaging materials. 

  2. Make our own compost. 


Our large variety of restaurants within the property means that we also have a lot of food waste. Here we separate and collect our food waste together with our organic waste from the garden and make our own soil and compost for our garden beds. 


Clean & Recycle

Our resort stretches out on the front of Loh Da Lum bay, during the monsoon season large piles of ocean rubbish washes up on our shores every single year, with that we also see and increase of ocean rubbish each year. 


Cleaning the beach in the monsoon season is a strenuous task for us at the resort, however it is still done every day by our gardeners. However every Sunday our hotel staff will get together and help as part of our weekly activities. Our rubbish is then separated in our bins and sent to recycle.

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